Rachel Bamber

Boldy go where other coaches don’t!

Rachel Bamber

Creator of Brighter Thinking, ICF PCC Coach


Would you like to enhance your coaching skills and help your coachees even faster? Have you ever wished that you had said what you were sensing or feeling during a coaching session however were worried about its impact on your coachee? Do you think that you could be even more bold and intuitive if only you knew how? In this fun, interactive and motivating session you will learn key insights from neuroscience, coaching, spirituality and other “alternative” sources so that you will:

• Understand the theories and neuroscience about intuition

• Enjoy guided exercises to experience your intuition during the workshop

• Have fun connecting with other participants as you explore your discoveries and breakthroughs together

• Implement your learning immediately with your next client or your next group.

3 takeaways from the session:

1. Learn about the neuroscience and the woo-woo (!) of intuition

2. Increase your confidence to use more intuition in your coaching

3. Have tools to access and practice your intuitive strengths


Rachel Bamber is an expert in using powerful, brain-friendly strategies to deliver peak performance. She helps people to work with their brain to get what they want – faster and with zero stress. Among the pioneering adventurers who have hired her include people in the public eye, elite sport, corporate leaders and super-ambitious business owners.

Rachel’s clients become skilled at working and leading with their brain, rather than against it! Rachel is renowned for her bold and intuitive coaching, creating a motivating and powerful transformative experience which is also sustainable and fun!

Challenges her clients have overcome include lost confidence, leadership development of a new team, increasing visibility across international organisations, at a career crossroads and unsure of direction to take, improving effectiveness, work-life balance, enhancing creativity, improving communication and relationships, increasing wellbeing and stress management, and eliminating procrastination and lack of motivation.

In addition, Rachel’s trained and assessed thousands of corporate professionals in brain based coaching skills located on six continents. Antarctica tbc…

A nominee for the GLE Rising Star Award in business, Rachel is the first person in the world to be awarded the Postgraduate Diploma in the Neuroscience of Leadership. Rachel also supervises new and established coaches to support and enhance their professional practice, increase their confidence and skills. Plus, she enjoys mentoring coaches towards their ICF accreditation. A keen writer, Rachel’s Brighter Thinking Tips have been published online since 2008 and she’s currently editing her first book. Regularly challenging herself, Rachel became a digital nomad in 2023.

Main online presence: Website: www.rachelbamber.com LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/rachelbamberbrighterthinking/
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