Amanda Croft

From Storytelling to Performance

Amanda Croft

Neurolanguage Coach®️ and Business English Trainer

Stories are an essential part of our lives and therefore an essential part of language teaching, coaching and training, whatever age we work with ― young learners, teenagers or adults. They are an intrinsic part of building relationships and connection, along with enabling long term memory. In his book, ‘Actual Minds, Possible Worlds’, Bruner estimates that facts are 22 more times likely to be remembered if they are part of a story.

We will explore storytelling together, starting with simply telling a story one-to-one, to exploring themes and devices we can use for recreating stories and bringing them to life for performance.


I trained as both an actress and EFL teacher in the early 1990’s. I have worked in both fields ever since. In 2011, I finished an MA in TESOL. My special interest and dissertation was: ‘Gesture and Language acquisition,’ in which my two worlds collided. Thereafter, I introduced numerous acting, improvisation, and storytelling techniques to enliven the English language learning space.

I encouraged learners to be creative and spontaneous- activating the language they possess. After 3 years of presenting at IATEFL and as a Neurolanguage Coach®️, I’m delighted to be workshopping with you, ‘From Storytelling to Performance’’ at the Neuroheart conference in Sitges in 2024.
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