George Kokolas

Learning About Your Character Strengths, Strengthens Your Learning

George Kokolas

Academic Director and Senior Teacher Trainer for Express Publishing


In this talk, we explore the vital shift from merely covering curriculum aims to fostering holistic human character development.

Today’s educators must possess not only qualifications but also mentoring skills to guide students in nurturing their character strengths. Drawing from the Seligman and Peterson Framework of Character Strengths, we unveil how schools can champion a positive educational approach, equipping students with the tools for academic excellence and resilience in the face of both school and life challenges. The speaker will emphasize that revolutionizing education for a brighter, more empowered future should start with us and our classrooms.


George Kokolas has been working as the Academic Director and Senior Teacher Trainer for Express Publishing for the last 18 years. He is also a certified Neurolanguage Coach®. Right after his graduation he branched out from his major in English Literature and devoted himself fully to ELT. He likes to be considered as a frontline teacher spending many hours inside the classroom teaching and learning at the same time.

He loves blending together ELT methods with techniques/theories from other fields and practices (f.e. social and cognitive psychology, leadership, coaching, NLP etc). His vast experience has been of considerable help in developing helpful and practical views about different topics of ELT Methodology, like gamification, motivation, effective learning, technology in the classroom, critical thinking, differentiated instruction and much more. He has delivered several successful seminars in international conferences all over the world.
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