Lonny Gold

A Suggestopedic English Course for Aspiring Criminals

Why bother committing heinous crimes if you can’t describe them in lurid detail and brag about them afterwards? This workshop will give you the vocabulary needed to wheedle your way into the sleaziest of inner sanctums, impress the most depraved elements of the underworld and hobnob with politicians who have elevated corruption to a sublime art form. Come and assimilate gluttonous amounts of information packaged specifically to fit the structure of your brain and appeal to your long-term memory!

The Anatomy of the Invisible

If you could transform your boring old teacher into your very own Fairy Godmother, what would she be like? Mine would make everything fun, she would show me how intelligent every one of my mistakes was, she would communicate with me telepathically so that it was I who kept asking for the next exciting activity, and she would mesmerise me with the illusion of unlimited choices. Above all, she would make me feel that I was more myself in her presence than when she wasn’t there. This workshop will be a detailed anatomy of the Invisible and the magical ingredients that go into it.
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